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No BS Human Design & Self Leaderships Mentor to Badass Women Rising

Joy Schulz

Joy aka Radical Joyfulness

Activator, Guide, & Mentor

Hello and welcome to my corner of the interwebs! I’m your friendly yet quirky guide and mentor for women looking to radically shift their life. We are talking things like boundaries, actually liking and accepting yourself,  feeling your emotions instead of stuffing them, speaking your truth, and harnessing the power of intuition

The major steps to real, long-lasting change are awareness of what needs to be changed, the tools to make it happen, and the support because let’s be real…change can be hard and scary.

That’s where I come in. Any of these sound familiar? 


  • I help everyone else, when is it my turn? 

  • When are they going to help me?

  • Conflict? No thanks, not worth it. 

  • Everything in my life is broken. I’m broken. 

  • Where do I even start? I’m so indecisive! Someone just tell me how to live my life!

  • I’m so tired of managing everyone else’s emotions for them!

  • Why do I get so depressed when I’m around xyz? 

  • I want to change, I just have no idea where to get started. 

  • Control over my life? Pft…. 

  • So tired of hiding who I really am…


If it feels like I’m inside your head… then please keep reading!


We get started by taking a look at your unique Human Design chart which allows us to get a clear picture of who you were designed to be in this world, not who everyone says you "should" be. 

I am a highly intuitive and trauma-aware guide, mentor, and coach, and as such there is no set curriculum guiding our work together. Growth and healing isn’t a linear process. 

I know because I’ve been there — I’m intimately acquainted with pain, fear, guilt/shame, feeling broken and depressed, and never ever enough. Hiding and masks were my specialties. Playing small and living a life that everyone else told me I “should”. After doing the inner work and filling up my personal toolbox with just the ones that work for me… I’m now just as acquainted with the insane levels joy, peace, connection, fulfillment, and rest that come from living your authentic truth and doing what makes you happy!

So no matter what you’re feeling today, I want you to know that you’re not alone. You’ve found me because the universe knows that while I don’t have a “guide to the galaxy” to hand you, I can offer you a hand and we can navigate the path towards your dream life together.

I’ll hold your hand as you begin to believe that the dream you’ve had within you, really can become a reality.

Together we’ll create the balance in your mind, body, emotions, and spirit to support radical levels of acceptance, joy, connection, and ownership! 

If you’re thinking this sounds exactly like what you’ve been searching for, it’s time to book a call!

Building Blocks for Change



We are not our thoughts, we simply observe them. But when those thoughts cause our emotions to spiral out of control, we suffer, intensely.  As humans, we can't change if we don't know what needs to change. 
This can be accomplished through journaling, meditation, and conversation.



We all need tools to accomplish any task or job. However, If I handed you a custom toolbox, it wouldn't do much good because you wouldn't know how to use the tools. As a result of our working together, we will build out YOUR  toolbox that allows you to navigate and live your dream life!



Change can be scary and emotions can be overwhelming. Those don't have to be the words we use to this journey though. When you have a guide at your side, you have the 24/6 support, encouragement, and someone to always have your back.

The journey towards a life of Radical Joyfulness can be tough with lots of ups and downs. With awareness of whats going on, the tools to help, and support to face it head on, real lasting change is inevitable! I also believe that there is no "one size fits all"... Therefore, there are multiple paths you can take.


Click the button below for more details on how you can get started!

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