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The Radically You Community

As Humans, especially women, we tend to think that you’re either perfect or imperfect. Things are black or they are white. They are right or wrong. Good or bad. All or nothing.

I say thats fucking bullshit and instead, literally everything is a damn spectrum — this idea of duality (only ever two options) is just a concept of the 3D. We are taught and conditioned that the reason we don't have everything we want/desire, is because we are either lacking something or we are on the wrong side of the duality. 


  • Overwhelmed? ->  Well you just need this planner and to learn to stick to your intention

  • Unsure of what steps to take next? -> Pay this coach thousands because she has "codes" that will turn everything around for you. 

  • Feeling burned out & exhausted? -> Surely you just need to automate your tasks better and pivot your business. Pay XYZ more money... 

  • Or perhaps you have no idea what you "need", you just know you've hit a wall and nothing is working or helping the situation. 

I'm here to tell you... 


You’ve just had decades, a lifetime, of everyone and everything telling you how you’re anything but…. And when you believe something to be true, you’ll always find evidence of it. Now bear with me a minute and you'll see what I mean. 

I believe that we are born perfect and exactly as we were designed for this mission in this physical lifetime. Our “higher selves” chose to come here to learn lessons, bring evolution to this world, and learn to love ourselves unconditionally. I believe that we are all one of one, which means that no two people’s mission on this earth will look or be the same. They may be parallel or intersect, but they won’t be the same.

To put it another way, I believe we came to this lifetime with a certain blueprint and corresponding operating instructions. We choose, when we come here, a series of quests to complete in our life. I like to think of this as my “life's work”. Note that these quests aren't linear and are more of a lifetime journey :) 


Quest 1: Learn & Know You! We think this is just while we are in “school” however literally no one teaches you how to know the inner you. As you learn who YOU are and everything that entails, you truly being to KNOW you (aka embodying your design) and  you figure out what your blueprint looks like. 

Quest 2: As you're progressing with Quest 1, you realize that your blueprint is simply a super zoomed in version of the collective map thats always evolving. As such, you learn the hows and whats of your blueprint fitting into the collective and the exact quest you were given so you then take those steps.

Quest 3: Use your YOU to work on your life quest of helping the world evolve. This is what psychologists like to call “self actualization”. This mission may look huge or tiny... all are super important. It may be that you're here to show the world how to decondition and live in peace. Or it might be that you're here to lead a nation. 

Therefore, NO ONE outside yourself can pass judgement about whether you’re their idea of perfection or not.

Therefore, my lovely, YOU ARE PERFECT!

Yup, breathe that deep breath. Sit for a second and let that knowing sink into your core.


You’ve just had decades, a lifetime, of everyone and everything telling you how you’re anything but…. And when you believe something to be true, you’ll always find evidence of it.

So what now?

If you're ready to embark on your Quest, then its time to get to know, love, and trust...YOU! Which is where the Radically You community comes in. This is your hub for everything -- whether you're getting started on Quest 1 or you're working to helping the world evolve with your genius!

We are building the community, one YOU at a time around fostering: 

  • Self-Acceptance & Compassion -> Learn who you are, why you do the things you do, & make friends with all your bits

  • Self-Leadership -> Learn how to lead yourself via your internal GPS

  • Intentional Living -> Learn to create the life & business of your dreams, ON PURPOSE!

  • and, Connection & Community with like minded & like hearted women who are on similar quests! 

Who's it for?! 

  • If you're female identified and ready for radical change in your life and to truly live out your mission.... 

  • If you're ready to learn the ins and outs of you and say "fuck the shoulds".... 

  • You crave a deep knowing deep down YOU are enough

  • You desire freedom in every way - YOU get to decide how you live your life and no one gets to tell you otherwise

  • You wish you were an integral part of a community where you're are loved, heard, seen

  • You want to be be able to be fully yourself - unmasked with all your quirks and authenticity

  • You wish your emotions wouldn't overwhelm or hijacked your life

  • And if you're ready to have all the pillars of change (awareness, tools, & support) at your fingertips...

Then this is probably for you! What are we talking about here? 

Are you ready to say YASSSS?!

There are three different levels to the community -- Choose the one that feels the best to YOU! Unsure which one to choose? Feel free to join the free community and send me a message (or hop on a coffee chat) and we'll get it figured out :) 


The Radically You Community Facebook Group with features like:

  • Monday Guidance - Every Monday I do a card reading for the collective in the group and we tune into what is in store and what we need to be mindful of as we go through the week. 

  • Coffee with Joy - Once Monthly Zoom where you get to see what its like to hop on a group mentoring session with me!

  • Opportunities to win a free mentoring call with Joy 

  • HD Explanation Library - I use the Human Design tool to support you and its an amazing way of seeing who we are under the conditioning we've received. However there's not much education out there thats easily digestible and doesn't cost a ton of money. 



Everything in the Free Radically You Community PLUS

  • Monthly Workshops will each have a different topic around human design, self acceptance, self leadership, and emotional regulation/resilience. 

  • ​Group Support Calls - this is where you get access to support from me in regards to any question or struggle you might be having. Calls occur twice Monthly 

  • Course Platform (Heartbeat) for all replays of calls & workshops

The Membership
$50 /month

Dig Deep

Everything in the The Membership PLUS

  • One 60 min Zoom Session per month where the focus is solely on you and what you're experiencing

  • Voice/Text Memo access for individual support M-F

Dig Deeper - $175 / month

Who is Joy?

I believe that the three main pillars of change are awareness, tools, and support (with a dose of desire to change thrown in of course). I can help you remember who the F you are and how you’re meant to make aligned decisions. This is the awareness piece. With this knowledge, we gain access to a wide set of tools that are available to you based on your unique Human Design. All the while, I’m supporting you through zoom calls and daily chats. This is the support piece, obviously, and where the real integration and embodiment occurs. Just knowing something doesn’t truly transform your life. If it did, you probably wouldn’t be reading this page.

I’ve been where you are and have a pretty good idea of what you’re feeling. Armed with your chart as a roadmap and my knowledge, intuition, and experience… feeling confident AF in making any and all decisions, is not just a remote possibility my dear, it is totally possible when you decide to own who you are and how you operate. 

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