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Radical Joyfulness Ethical Practices

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Over the last 4+ years that I've been a part of the "coaching" industry, I've seen, been victim to, and participated in some truly awful business & marketing practices. All of it has been a huge growth journey and now I stand up as a change catalyst.

I refuse to take part in business practices that manipulate and prey on vulnerable people having big feelings and real problems. In short, I refuse to let amazing humans suffer thinking they are broken. As such, I commit to ethical business practices, no matter what!

Below are some of my commitments to myself, my business, and to you as an important someone in my world! Any questions? Please do reach out!

Safe Space -

  • My promise to you is that any space I’m a leader in, will be a safe space to the best of my ability. This means behavior like gaslighting, emotional manipulation, shaming or guilting others, divisive verbiage, and the like will not be permitted. Everything we do in this community is based in LOVE!

    • That being said, if something does happen or something is said that bothers or upsets you in anyway, my private messages are open and we can hop on a coffee chat at anytime!

Privacy -

  • While I’m not Las Vegas, what happens in my spaces, stays in my spaces. This includes anything said or shared.

  • I will NEVER share your full names when sharing testimonials and will ask explicit permission before sharing any screenshot of private conversations.

  • I will also never share that “YOU have joined xyz program”. If you want to shout that you’ve signed up, please do!

Bespoke Everything -

  • There’s also no one size fits all. That’s why I use your HD chart as a guide for….well everything!

Self Led Sales Process -

  • When you book a coffee chat with me and decide you’re interested in working with me or joining the Radically You community, you will not receive any sales tactics/fear, objection handling, or any “shoulds”.

  • In fact, I’ll be looking at your Human Design chart and will guide you on how best to follow your inner GPS to make the decision yourself.

Honest & Transparent Pricing -

  • What this looks like is even dollar amounts. As much as I do truly love repeating numbers and have been told more than a few times to use a “97” in my pricing…you won’t see that here. If it’s basically $100, you’ll see $100 listed.

  • I will always display as current pricing as possible and all options available. You’ll know the potential investment before you hop on a call. I don’t care for the “there’s multiple options and we’ll explore what’s right for you on the call”. Nope, you can lead yourself into or out of my world but you’ll always know the price ahead of time. No surprises.

Accessible Pricing -

  • In the Radical Joyfulness world, accessibility and sustainability are key values. I believe that self healing needs to be available to anyone willing to do the work and remember who they came here to be.

    • If you only ever take part in my freebies and social media, yet you’re able to help yourself with the info? Hell yeah! If you only ever take part in my $35/mo Radically You community, and you work with the tools and support to create massive change? Fuck yeah!

    • Yes, if you want unrestricted access to my energy, knowledge, and wisdom…that does come at a cost. However, I never want cost to be a reason you can’t access the tools to heal yourself and lead yourself.

  • Higher price does not equal higher value or bigger transformations. I’m only half joking when I say that my offerings are priced for the beginner, yet built for the long term deep growth. No matter the price, you’ll always be working with someone who is playing full out.

  • I will not use tiered launching pricing, founder pricing, etc.

    • By tiered launching pricing I’m referring to the price increasing (sometimes over doubling) in a short time period while they are in “launch mode”. The offering doesn’t change, just the price.

      • Why? I don’t think that when someone finds or decides they want my services should dictate how much they pay. The level of support they get doesn’t change, so why should the price?

      • Why? I don’t ever want to pressure anyone to purchase against their own internal GPS/Authority. If a price increase at a certain time is going to possibly influence you to go against that authority, then I’m actively sabotaging you which is against everything I stand for as a person & businesswoman.

  • On launch of a new product/service I may do a special intro price. However this is a one time thing and comes with the caveat that as the service continues, things may change or shift. This allows me to tweak things as we go along as I prefer (and am designed to) to learn as I teach and make continual improvements.

Long Game aka Sustainability

  • I am committed to making my business and life as sustainable as possible. I’ve said for years I wanted to build a life I didn’t want a vacation from all the time. I bring this into my business as well.

    • For example, if we are on a support call and I suggest a plan of action yet it feels overwhelming to you, we’ll dial it back until it no longer feels that way. I meet you where you’re at and how your life works for you.

    • Another example, is that in order to manage my unpredictable energy levels, I check in with my community & clients once a day (M-F) at a minimum.

  • I am committed to constantly learning, growing, and expanding the resources & tools I have at my disposal and are thusly able to share with those in my community. Want more than just the high level stuff you commonly find on IG? Stick around lovely! Its getting better all the time!

  • The age of simply giving information and worksheets and calling it a day…is over. This is the age of integration and embodiment. That’s where the real change happens; in the little moments throughout our life. What this means is that we get real and vulnerable in our chats and on our calls. We look at specific situations and how to best navigate the situation; while also working to de-condition yourself from the beliefs that brought that situation to you.

  • I don’t agree with short programs that promise to fix all your problems, provide a few videos that are generic, and then once the time is up you’re a stranger to the coach unless you pay them more money (usually a lot of it). So you won’t find any of that here.

    • If I offer a shorter program (ie 6-8 weeks), it will be geared around one specific area and the whole time we’ll be practicing what we are learning, deconditioning so you can shift your beliefs, and having support while you do so.


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