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What does it mean to be a Generator? Part 1

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

When you first enter the Human Design (HD) world, your Type is one of the first things you learn. Your auric Type (ie Generator, Manifestor, Projector, etc) is just the first step to remembering who the F you are and describes how you most effectively interact with the world. In today’s blog we are going to take a deeper look at what it really means to be a Generator type. Please know when I say Generator, this also applies to Manifesting Generators as they have the same aura/strategy and defined Sacral Centers.

In my previous post I introduced the concept that the Generator energetic aura is open and inviting and provoking of others to ask them so they can respond. The Generator “strategy” for engaging with life is by waiting for things/situations to come up so that they can respond. In a world that values “self-starters” and the “just do it” mentality, waiting to respond can seem like an impossible way to interact with the world in the day to day. So what does this actually mean?

When you look at your chart information, the “strategy” is listed as being “wait to respond” for how you best interact with life/others. Most people seem to focus on the “waiting” part of the “wait to respond” phrase and seem to push against the concept as a whole; they think that they can’t do anything without someone else’s permission. However, I will posit that the key part is the responding. Generators are meant to be lit the fuck up by what they are doing & being because thats what turns the sacral motor to generating more of that life force energy. Generators (and the Manifesting Generator sub-type) have consistent access to the life force energy to create and build, however if they are saying yes to things that actually drain them, it has a depleting effect on the sacral energy vs the naturally replenishing energy that comes from true alignment.

So what does it mean to “follow my bliss” and true alignment?

It means asking and then listening to what your Sacral center is communicating to you, on a moment to moment basis. This may sound overwhelming, however once you have practice, it becomes a normal part of your life. The Sacral center communicates via those gut level feels of “uhhuh/yup” and “nuhuh/nope”. When you’re asked a Yes/No type question, your Sacral center responds and communicates to you in real time. Its your Sacral that lets you know if you’re going to have energy and desire to say yes to this question/situation or not.

While yes, everyone has “gut” feelings (usually aka intuition), only the Generator types have consistent access to the Sacral center that authoritatively lets you know if its good/aligned or not for you. The problem is that most of us have been taught to quiet or completely ignore the sacral response in favor of whatever the mind or external sources have to say. Even if your chart says your “authority” is something different (like solar plexus/emotional), if you’re a Generator, you’ll have consistent access to the Sacral yes/no’s.

How do I know if something is aligned after that initial yes/no?

I call these signpost feelings or alignment theme. I liken the signpost feels of frustration vs satisfaction to being like the guardrails of life. They are simply feels that provide feedback to you when you’re designing and living your daily life. In HD terms, these are “Not-Self” and “Signature” feels. The “not-self” of frustration lets you know if something isn’t fully aligned anymore. When I say that Generators “dance” with life, when you feel frustrated, it’s time to switch things up.

The feeling of satisfaction, is a beacon to you on a moment to moment basis that you’re on the right path doing the right things for you. For example, you have a to-do list for what you need to get done. You could focus on the 15 things you’d like to get done and when you only got 7 done at the end of the day you feel frustrated/depleted. Or you could have the list prioritized by the top 1-3 things you need to do and will feel satisfied at the end of the day and trust/know that the other things will get done when they are supposed to. Trust that future you will have the time/energy to complete them (or realize they didn’t need doing after all…). Also, you don’t have to wait till the end of the day or task to feel satisfied… look at yourself right now and be satisfied with how you’re choosing to spend this moment right now. How did that feel? Nice huh?

Let’s talk a little bit more about this dance between the signpost feels and turn to nature. If you think of life as river and you want to cross to the other side which is your destination, where your big dreams seems to be located. You know it’s going to take you several steps to get to the other side, however, you can only see the first step. Its exciting and lights you up so you step onto that big rock. You’re not sure when or where the next rock will show up, but you know as long as you’re doing the thing on this rock and its amazing, you’re right where you’re supposed to be. But then one day what lights you up, starts to frustrate you. You start to look for the next rock. Maybe it appears right away or maybe it takes a bit as you prepare for the next rock. So you keep doing the thing and prepping/looking for the next rock when all of a sudden it appears and you take the next leap. Suddenly you’re lit up and satisfied again. You repeat this process, trusting that the big rocks will appear when you’re ready for them. If you stress and feel that you have to have all the rocks laid out before you take the first step for example, you’re probably going to feel extremely frustrated and might not even start! If you trying to initiate things and “make it happen” and the next step hasn’t presented itself to you, you’re going to be frustrated (and probably burned out) sooner than later.

However, frustration isn’t something to be avoided (just like triggers). It’s a means of communication with you and an opportunity that it’s time to look towards the next step.

So then how do I know which things to say yes to when several things light me up at once? What if my chart says my Authority is something other than “Sacral”? What about burnout and fatigue because thats real in my life….? I’m glad you asked! Thats exactly what we will talk about in the next blog post!

For now, let’s focus on experimenting with the trust building part of working with your sacral. For the next day, ask yourself (or have others ask you) as many yes/no type questions as possible. Pay attention to the instant response you have within your body before your mind has a chance to butt in. Then, no matter whether you choose to follow that sacral feeling or not, pay attention to the outcomes. It can be helpful to journal/write this stuff down through the day however just noticing through the day is a super powerful exercise. If you get stuck or need help, send me a message via email or my socials! I got you!

When you’ve done this experiment, I then invite you to journal through what feelings came up during, any struggles you had, and the difference between how it felt to trust your sacral and when you didn’t. Then if you feel comfy, i’d love to hear how the experiment went! Remember, anytime we do something new, it feels unusual to uncomfortable before it feels easy and good. You got this! Welcome to your first step of dancing and responding as a Generator!

For more resources such as my email list “Sparks of Joy” or to sign up for a custom Taster Reading, check out the Resources page. If you’re ready to dive deep into living your design and want all the info, an Unravel session is probably up your alley so head over to the Work with Me page!

And always know, if you fancy a cuppa and a chat, heres my link!


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