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Auras, Strategies, & Decisions, OH MY!

Welcome to your journey of self-illumination! In order to fully understand your chart, what it means, and to begin using it as a tool, we have to decode it first. The easiest way to do that is to start with the most general sections and get more specific/individual as we proceed. The first section is the Human Design Auric Type and associated strategy for making decisions.

Every human has an auric field --- an electromagnetic energy field surrounding and extending outward from them. This field is usually about two arms lengths in every direction from the body. While each of us is one of one and totally unique, there are four aura types that make up the Human Design system. Just like each of us has a blood type, we also have an auric type.

Auric connectivity is a powerful and nonverbal form of communication. Each type can trust that the provocative nature of their aura does the talking for them and they can then relax into their strategy with confidence. At the highest level, our aura Type helps us know where/how we fit into the collective and how our energy is perceived by others.

If you think of any well-balanced group, each person has their own role that they perform and the group works best when each person fills their own role and supports the others doing the same. Nobody is an island unto themselves and Human Design balances looking at the individual, you, and the collective and how we all interact. They say “it takes a village” so let’s take a look at who makes up the village. The four aura types (and a hybrid to make 5) are manifestors, generators, projectors, reflectors, and the special hybrid manifesting generators.


Manifestors are the initiators of our society and compose about 9% of the population. These are the people who are extraordinarily visionary, well-respected initiators of movements or ideas, and in the past been rulers of countries. They have a powerful impact and initiating is their gift to the world.

Their Aura is closed and reflecting (protecting them like a shell) which makes them the most immune to the influence of others.

Their strategy for interacting is to inform others of their decisions before they take any action so that they eliminate resistance.

A superpower of Manifestors is the ability to act independently, initiate action, and impact really impact them!

Generators / Manifesting Generators

Pure Generators are the builders of our society and compose about 35% of the population. These are the people who are considered the life force of the planet and are designed to know themselves by observing what they respond to. Through responding, they experience satisfaction in their life and work and their work is their gift to the world.

Their aura is open and inviting and provoking of others to ask them so they can respond.

Their strategy is to engage with life by waiting for things to come up so that they can respond.

A superpower of Generators is the ability to create & amplify energy in the world when you are busy doing what you love!

Manifesting Generators (MG or Mani-Gen) are the builders of our society who also find all the inefficiencies and initiate ways to fix them. They and compose about 35% of the population. Manifesting Generators are considered a "hybrid" type because some of their qualities are more like a pure Manifestor, and others are like a pure Generator. What this means is that Manifesting Generators share the aura and strategy with pure Generators.

The biggest difference is that MG's will have a channel straight from one or more "motor" centers to the throat giving them the ability to initiate like a Manifestor. Don't worry, we'll talk more about this later.

A superpower of MG's is the ability to skip unnecessary steps, move quickly, and show us a new way of doing things!


Projectors are the Guides of the society and compose about 20% of the population. The projectors gift to the world is literally to understand others and be a guide for the rest of the society.

Because they see the world in a penetrating and direct way with their aura, their strategy is that they need to be invited and recognized before they can give their guidance. If not invited, what is communicated will not be well received and will often have the opposite affect.

A projector in alignment with their strategy and authority can trust that their aura will provoke recognition and invitation from others naturally. A superpower for Projectors is their ability to understand others deeply, to see the big picture clearly, and to organize resources into productive action


And lastly we have Reflectors, who are the discerners or mirrors of society and represent about 1% of the population. Reflectors are designed to be the judges of humanity, to reflect back the injustice has that humanity inflicts on itself. Their ability to discern the “this and that” is their superpower or gift to the world. Their strategy is to wait sometimes up to a full moon cycle before making decisions because they are truly a reflection of their environment in those around them. Their aura is totally open, amplifies everything, and provokes others to look to them for their reflection/assessment.

How do all these work together?!

In a perfect scenario, the Manifestor initiates and comes up with the idea. The Projector is the project manager and/or resource manager. The Generator/Mani Gen are the one(s) who does the work (as long as it lights them up) with the MG finding as many shortcuts as possible. And the Reflector mirrors the entire process back to the group/individual throughout the project as a constant source of feedback. Each operating from their design and innate gifts!

By understanding your auric type, you can relax into your strategy for making decisions while having confidence and trust that your aura will do the work for you! For now though, I'd love to know in the comments below if your aura/strategy seems to ring true for your type!

In the next blog we'll dive deeper into the Strategy and Authority piece for the Generating types so stay tuned and keep your charts handy!

If you’re thinking “just tell me everything I personally need to know!”, then an in-depth reading is just what you need! Click here to purchase a reading. Your life is about to change in the most magical of ways!

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